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About Me


Sebastian Simon

Respect, Hard Work, Focus

Executing SEO With Empathy

SEO As A Passion

Hi, my name is Sebastian Simon and I am open for hiring. I believe in empathy and honest internal and external communication. I prefer working remote as it fits my work style best, but I am happy to discuss different options.

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My Story

From Agency To In House.

Working in various online marketing agencies has helped me to lead small, medium and enterprise clients from several industries to hit their business goals. Later, I went in house to focus on fewer but more extensive projects. On my journey I was able to collaborate with lots of amazing SEO colleagues. Thanks to remote work, many of those from different countries in different timezones.

Having hosted lots of different client workshops and consulted on SEO in general I think it is now time to focus on a more technical journey.

Who Sebastian Is

I would describe myself as calm, curious and very collaborative. Being in an environment where everyone can learn from each other, there is room for deep work and you get the time to shine lets me produce my best results.

Work Experience

10 years in SEO.