(Technical) SEO

I Identify The Most Efficient Ways To Make Your Website Crawlable.

Sebastian Simon.

Sebastian Simon.
What I Do

I'm All About One Thing: Attracting More Engaged Customers.

I Help Companies Grow

With my 10 years of experience in marketing I have worked successfully on the in-house side, as well as the agency side of SEO.

Therefore, I know exactly how to approach your needs for SEO.

How Does It Work

What I offer: 4 Areas To Success


Keyword Research

I have ready Google Spreadsheets with Google Apps Scripts and the knowledge to perform your next keyword research.


Copy Writing

There are many copy writers, but few have SEO in mind. Let me help you with content that gets found!


Technical SEO Audit

The best website is worthless when it can’t be crawled. I will check your rendering, localization, page speed, internal link structure and more and show your the potential in a prioritized manner.

Continous communication as well as expection management are the foundation of my consulting SEO work.


Backlink Audit

Are you not sure if you have “bad” backlinks that might hurt your website? I will analyze your link profile for you.


What My Partners Say

Sebastian has a profound knowledge of SEO. Working with him taught me a lot about SEO.
Michael Albert
Sebastian is an absolute professional when it comes to consulting clients about SEO. If you can, work with him.
Stephan Phillipps
Sebastian has great communication skills in speaking and writing. Also, he has a high understanding of the technical optimization of websites.
Jens Supan
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